The advantage of online marketing is that you are able to monitor your rate of success in real time rather than waiting for months for your offline marketing results. colddata will collaborate with you on developing the appropriate level of tracking and reporting to best meet your needs. Your expected results from launching your online initiatives determine the level of tracking and reporting required. Based on your needs, a dashboard report can be created which combines your various campaign and site information in one view. A more detailed and historical report, which demonstrates the progress of your site over a period of time, can also be created. Our traffic report can be as simple as presenting just visitor information or as detailed as following each click of the visitor’s path through a site or a group of sites.

By monitoring your reports over time, you will be able to measure the level of success you have achieved from your online initiative against your specific goal. The collected traffic and clickthrough data will allow you to further enhance your marketing campaign and plan your next phase.